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Health and Wellness Motivation

Criselda believes that living with HIV, has taught her to treasure every day. What seemed to be like a death sentence, when she tested positive to HIV anti-bodies, has turned into the greatest opportunity to learn and teach methods of living and growing in any challenge.

Positive Talk provides – One On One talk sessions with Criselda encouraging employees or individuals to make healthy choices. Healthy choices starts with the correct information and a positive attitude. The talks are 45min followed by questions and answer interaction.
Some of the talks focus but not exclusively on:

– The Art of winning
Focusing on how you should care for yourself, in spite of the ailment or disease you are diagnosed with and how you can prevent ill-health through living holistically.

– Living a golden life
Criselda talks about the A-Z principles of treasuring and living a golden life without breaking the bank.

– Mind Your Language
This is a program to promote socially acceptable speech, including being sensitive when addressing HIV and AIDS related issues.

– Dressing for your body type
Focusing on appropriate dress in diverse contexts