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Criselda Kananda

Criselda Kananda is a mother, Inspirational Speaker, Professional Counselor, Ex Nurse and medical underwriter. She has worked with different government departments, as well as the corporate sector on implementing workplace wellness programs nationally and internationally.

She owns a consultancy and talk service called Positive Talk Services, focusing amongst other services on workplace wellness programs and advocating for total wellbeing and this includes topics on: Self-development, growth, personal financial management, psychological wellbeing, nutrition, rest and recreation, love, life and relationships, health, and sexually transmitted disease management.

Criselda Kananda served as a Member of  the Board of Trustees at the National AIDS Counsel (SANEC) 2005-2006, was board member of South African Food Gardens Foundation, to mention a few. She is also a strategic advisor for Khomanani, government comprehensive communication plan 2003- to date.

Her credentials include:

•    In 2006 represented South Africa in New York during the United Nations General Assembly Special Meeting on communicable diseases, commissioned by Mr Koffi Annan
•    She received an award from the First Lady Mrs Zanele Mbeki for her contribution towards the up-liftment of young women in South Africa as an ambassador for the Young South African Women in Dialogue.
•    She also received the City Press/ Rapport prestigious award as one of ten most influential South African Women.
•    She traveled with Metro-fm to 18 countries around the continent, introducing the concept of using Radio as an effective medium in curbing diseases through education.
•    She represented South Africa in London on a task team selected by the Mellinda and Bill Gates: The Foundation to establish a Global Wellness Communication Strategy.
•    She has been actively involved in the fight for the rights of both the HIV infected and HIV negative people.
•    She has been invited as a speaker and presented papers at many conferences and meetings – amongst many was a meeting of the SADEC Health Ministers on wellness
•    Criselda has also studied towards Psycho-Neuro immunology, Health and Positive Living, MDP with the Gordon institute of SA, Project Management, Direct Marketing and Business Communication, amongst many
•    She has also recorded an 8 track Positive Talk CD and wrote a Booklet focusing on holistic wellness, has a website www.positivetalk.co.za which educates and gives people access to basic information about wellness and provides a platform of sharing of life challenges and successes without being judged.
•    Olay Iconic Woman in social development 2009
•    Parable leadership 2009
•    Inaugural Feather award for Role Model of the Year 2009

Years of Health Coaching Experience
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Conferences attended

Since Criselda was diagnosed with HIV antibodies 10yrs ago, she has lived a healthy, symptom free and positive life. This has compelled her to study immunity and AIDS progression, investigated the research available regarding Nutrition, Behavior and HIV and AIDS in her own personal life. As she was diagnosed with HIV antibodies 11yrs ago, has since lived a healthy, symptom free and positive life. She has also studied towards Psycho-Neuro immunology, Health and Positive Living, MDP with the Gordon institute of SA, Project Management, Direct Marketing, Business Communication, and currently studying towards a bachelor of Human Ecology with UNISA.

She left her very successful career in sales and marketing at the time she was heading a direct marketing business unit for SA Post Office to advocate for wellness. She started a radio talk show called Positive Talk in 2003 on KAYA-FM focusing on how HIV and AIDS impacts on health, wellness, socio economic imbalances. She produced and hosted the talk show every Monday evening 19:30 to 21:00 and has been featured on several newspapers and magazines including Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine and television programs locally and abroad.

Criselda Kananda now co-produces and hosts an even better and bigger show focusing on healthy body, mind and spirit on METRO-FM every Wednesday and Thursday evening 19:00 to 21:00 targeting 5.2 million listeners.

Some of the occasions where she was invited to address the masses include the Launch of former President Nelson Mandela’s call for the traditional leaders to act in the fight against the pandemic.  As a champion for the launch of Mr Mandela’s 46664 fund raising campaign, former President Mandela referred to Criselda as a role model for Africa and the light for the world to see. Mrs Zanele Mbeki, first lady of South Africa said in her speech, launching The young South African Woman in Dialogue: “Criselda is the hope that the World has been looking for.” Her positive talk really changed the lives of many South Africans.

During the launch of Men fighting against HIV and AIDS Minister Mantombazana Tshabalala-Msimanga said Criselda is an eye opener. She has addressed many woman groups including South African Woman in Dialogue (SAWID) and Young SAWID, Executive Reserve Club, Sowetan Women’s Club, DENOSA-nurses union, Black Management Forum, The Oprah Magazine’s national Find your Balance Workshops. And many more….

She strives to look good at all times as she believes that HIV has been given such a negative and fearful face, for most people being invisible is seen as the best way to cope with the supposedly HIV infection. She has and still is giving hope by educating simple ways of living a Positive Life through a holistic approach to wellness and encourages her audiences to focus on a personal revolution. To her this means looking after one’s Body, Mind and Soul. Being responsible for our own actions and choices.

She believes that we need to restore dignity and moral ethics to African people if ever we are to win this human tragedy . . . and most importantly eradicate poverty and helplessness.
Her simple values that could be instilled in all of us,

The Three R’s:

  • Respect for self
  • Respect others
  • Responsibility for choices made